Draft trade

Hey footclan, should I trade my 1st pick which would b CMC. For the 8th pick and acquire $100 faab in the process? Help this is tough to decide lol

No way. Rarely does a player fan out off of the wire. You have to be certain one of the guys you’d be using that faab on turns into a very good starter to downgrade from CMC to who will be at the 8. Super risky. Not worth it.

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No, I would not.

Thanks for inputs. I appreciate it

Thx I appreciate your thoughts.

Hard No on this one if you are trading the 1st for the 8th in a snake draft and then still have the 2.12 pick. you can’t recuperate the loss in points there if just trading a pick and not the slot.

If you are asking to completely change slots with the 8th and now you have the 1.08 and the 2.05 and so on, I see no issues with it. I personally don’t like drafting out of the 1st slot.

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