Draft TY Hilton or Adam Thielen?

Should I draft TY Hilton or Adam Thielen? Assuming Andrew Luck will be healthy of course…

If you’re assuming luck is healthy, for me its hilton and its not even close. Isn’t another receiver that comes close to him in skill on colts so he’s going to get a tonne of targets and has huge upside. Not to mention Luck is just a superior QB to Cousins and will be tossing the rock a crapload cause that team has zero running game or defense.

That is the questions though, will he be healthy? If he is healthy, I’ll even take luck at 85% over cousins at 100%.

Is this a theoretical question? Or are you on the clock somewhere?

If so, what round? League details?

Thielen and I don’t think it’s close

Definitely Thielen

I am in the middle of a 12 team super-flex ppr mock draft right now and i chose Thielen, then it came right back to me and I chose TY :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: but it was definitely Thielen first.

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