Drafted Damian Williams

Drafted Damian in the 3rd and cuffed with Thompson in the 8th. With McCoy landing AFTER the draft, should I drop Coutee (last pick) to pick up Shady and how much FAAB should I spend?

You’re thinking backwards IMO. Instead of trying to acquire MORE pieces of the KC backfield, you should be trying to deal-away the pieces you have left. This is going to be a season long nightmare and a bench-clogging shitshow. You need to Google 'Andy Reid+Brian Westbrook+Duce Staley+Correll Buckhalter

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Should I trade Damian and Darwin for Chris Carson?

If you can make that deal, I would pull the trigger. But I am higher on Chris Carson than the average person. Not a Seahawk fan or anything, just like the kid and his relationship with Carroll. Seattle’s emphasis on running the ball doesn’t hurt either. In fact, I can’t think of an RB2 I’d rather have on my roster at the moment. And I think that Damien falls to RB2 status with the McCoy acquisition and Reid’s comments on running a backfield committee.