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Drafted for a friend. How'd I do?


My buddy had me draft his team for him 14 team PPR. Does he owe me a beer or did I do a poor job. (1 QB 2 WR 1 RB 1TE 2 Flex)

QB: Luck, Palmer
RB: Woodhead, Steward, Riddick, Kamara
WR: Green, Baldwin, Allen, Crabtree, Watkins, White
TE: Doyle, ASJ


hes going to need to trade for one more rb, if he can flip allem,crabtree, or watkins then he will be fine


Great WRs, but those RBs, and really the rest if the roster as a whole, are pretty rough. I’d strongly advise against drafting 2 TEs, especially when in of them is suspended for two weeks and plays for the Jets.


I think you did ok. 14 teams are tough. I’d drop Palmer soon as luck is back in the lineup. I would keep the 2 TE. Sucks to burn a bench spot but in my 14 team league people eat up TE so if your first pick is a bust it is very hard to find a replacement. Agree with earlier comment. If you can flip Allen Watkins or Crabtree for a similar tier pass catching RB i would do it. Weakest spot is definitely RB