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Drafted Last night, thoughts?


12 man Full PPR, 6pt TDs

QB: Mariota, Dalton
RB: Bell, Hunt, CJ Anderson, T.West, Kamara
WR: Baldwin, Cooper, G.Tate, Crowder, Ty.Williams
TE: Ertz
D/ST: NY Giants
K: W.Lutz


I like it. I am not the biggest fan of Baldwin but you have a lot of depth behind him.


Really? I love Baldwin in PPR, 2 top 10 finishes last 2 seasons, and that was with an injured Wilson last season.

but yes I did grab some depth as well.



Oh, I didn’t see PPR. I like him a lot, but not as my WR1. But you also have Cooper so I’m not really concerned with your WR’s. It’s just that I like around 10-11 guys better than him, which would make him a low end one. But you also have Lev Bell so that doesn’t really matter.


Yeah I have him as my WR2 in another league (have AB as my 1).

I look at him and Cooper as WR1, but like you mentioned the back end of the WR1s (between 9-12 range) which to me is solid especially considering I have Bell like you mentioned.

Appreciate the input!


I just don’t get drafting more than 1 QB when you can only play one. Makes no sense to me, but many many owners do it. I can stream a sub for a bye week or stream a replacement if my guy gets hurt or sucks in general. Easy fix. I want depth elsewhere. For D, I like Pitt or Buff. Again, no season-long commitment at D for me. For me, your receivers are much more solid than your RB, and I prefer that the other way around. Everything after Bell feels like a maybe to me. I would have been more aggressive at RB in the early rounds and grabbed D. Parker, Garcon, Thielen, etc. later and felt good about it. Your team doesn’t get me too excited.