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Drafted Luck, probably need to stream Week 1


Wellp, I drafted in a home league where Tom Brady went in the first round (ahead of Aaron Rodgers). I drafted Luck in the 10th round, but needless to say the QB position is decimated with everyone else having 1-2 QBs on the bench in addition to the starter. I’m left with basically Bortles, Flacco, Hoyer, Cutler, or Sammy Biscuits to stream Week 1 if Luck isn’t healthy. Who should I stream?


That’s fine value for Luck. I like Sammy biscuits against New Orleans. The total in that game has to approach 50


I am in the exact same situation with the exact same people and equally as clueless. At least you got him at a way better value than I. Good on you for that.


I took Luck in the seventh and I am looking at the first few weeks fill-in options. Right now Eli, Carson, & Sammy and the others you listed are still available and those 3 have fairly Cush schedules to start the season. Which would you recommend that I pick up? I’m going to have to drop Derrick Henry, Eddie Lacy or Devante Parker to pick them up. I didn’t take a second quarterback in the draft and now I’m a little concerned that Luck could miss significant time.


I’m also on the Biscuits gravy train but did my ears deceive me or did @AndyHolloway say that he thinks the New Orleans D could be good this year?


Sammy Shoulderpads do it


I’d go Cutler against TB’s middle of the road defense. He’s got a lot to prove in his first game for Miami


Whatever you do, just don’t drop Henry or Parker. Lacy is the one to drop in this situation