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Drafted T.West don't think i need him


Baltimore is most likely going to be horrible this year. I drafted T. west. I have:
L. Bell
K. Hunt
S. Perine
R. Burkhead

Do i drop him and pick up a J.Brown, C.Cupp? Marlon Mack, K.dixon; J. connor(cuff),J. williams(buff or SF).

My receivers are:
D. Bryant
S. DIggs
D. Parker(reached for him over Landry)
K. ALlen
B. Marshall

this is a 12 team league and I killed the draft.


San Fran and Chicago were horrible last year yet Howard was Productive and so was Carlos Hyde, could make more of an argument to bin Burkhead, he’s not the no 1 back on his team (we don’t think), you’ll never know when you can or can’t start him even if he is the no1 guy.
Someone must be shy at RB in your league see what you can trade, find the New England or Baltimore fan and see if they want a home team guy.


I think it might be a little early to start dropping players off of your roster. I would wait until the first couple of weeks of the season and see what happens. If West has a couple of nice games you could try to trade him when he is on a high and get something good in return. If he doesn’t do well then you can just drop him and pick up someone off of the waivers who is looking good.


Exactly. It’s to early to be dropping a starting running back… Wait and let the games begin… Agree I’m dropping Burk today due to a guy dropping a good TE in my league…