Drafted Tuhrod, Andy/King Godfrey avail

My gut is telling to stick with Tyrod, but that opening week matchup against Indy makes Andy very likeable…

Also, first post as a #Footclan member!

Would you need to drop Tyrod for whoever you pick up? I would personally lean Dalton this week, think everyone is really underrating their offense for fantasy this season.

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Yeah, it would be a stream move. I don’t have anyone on my bench I’d feel comfortable dropping for a bench QB.

Bal/Car/Atl after week one for Andy

NO/NYJ/Oak for Tyrod

I think even typing that has me leaning Tyrod.

But that damn Indy defence is so tempting…

PIT D isn’t that great either, Andy with the better matchup this week but horrendous next 3.

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If your league is 6 pt passing scoring, i’d go dalton. Otherwise, go Tyrod.

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Thanks guys, it is 6pt QB. But, I have an advantage over my opponent this week, so I think I’ll stick with Taylor.