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Drafting #4 in a PPR 12 team league

I'm guessing Elliot is going to drop to me at #4. A little nervous with a suspension coming. Do i play it safe with a WR or go with Elliot?


We’ll have to see about that news. I would, if draft day comes and it’s not certain about his suspension yet. I don’t like getting him if it’s more than two games.


I would take Elliott then shoot to grab jacquizz Rodgers in round 8 or 9. He would be a nice rental until Elliott is back.


This is a solid gameplan. Another option is to make sure you get McFadden at some point


There is no guarantee that the first few games of the season will be the ones Zeke misses, at this point that seems unlikely even, so Quiz may not be a good choice. Morris apparently also earned himself more carries in the HoF game, so McFadden may not put up numbers either.

Honestly I would go WR or grab Freeman or Shady.


Jason’s got the right idea. Grabbing McFadden is perfect because he’ll have value until Elliot comes back. People most likely wouldn’t want to waste a pick on your handcuff to the guy who hasn’t even been suspended yet. If I were you I’d target McFadden in around round 10ish (you know how your league mates play better than I do, maybe earlier or later depending on how aggressive they are) and skip out on a kicker to draft another RB or WR you are missing out on because of McFadden. By time the season rolls around either drop McFadden because Zeke wasn’t suspended, or drop your lowest RB/WR to make room for a kicker because Zeke was suspended. Good luck man!