Drafting 4th in Keeper League

I’m in a keeper league drafting fourth. In my estimation, a lot of top players will be kept: Le’Veon, Gurley, Kamara, Hopkins, Beckham, Gordon

With this knowledge, I suspect the top 3 picks to be Antonio Brown, DJ, and Zeke (in whatever order)

Assuming it goes down like this, i’m look at either Saquon, or maybe Julio?

Is Saquon the best pick here? I’m keeping Fournette with my second round pick. Would Saquon and Fournette be a solid start to this draft?


I’m firmly on the Barkley hype train… that kid is just a flat out stud. He’ll be active in the passing game too - he’s got elite fantasy asset written all over him.

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I have to agree with @DrFantasyBlog. I too am in a keeper league with the 1.3 and the best option was far and above Saquon.

Honestly… I’d take Zeke over him, and maybe Gurley, but I’d have to think long and hard about taking even Bell or DJ over him… Maybe I’m just too high on the kid but what I’ve seen so far has me convinced…

and I’m a card carrying Pats fan who reeeaaaaaally doesn’t like the Giants… LOL

Yep I am completely fine with barkely in this spot. Unless we learn something new about his hammy. And I’m also completely ok with my starting lineup being fournette Barkley. That’s a strong strong start to your draft!

So I watched the play a few times (only so I could watch him make that play over and over again… what hands, and from a back!) and he seemed like he was fine… I imagine it’s just precautionary. He didn’t come up lame, he didn’t limp. He just casually jogged off the field, didn’t even look like he hurt himself.

Yep I saw the same thing! It’s why I’m not worried at all. Unless they come out now and say he tore something. But that news would have been put by now, so it’s just a light strain and I’m confident in him being healthy.

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I would agree with possibly taking over Lev Bell as he is going to be used and abused this year. If you play for winning this year I would take Bell. But for future as a keeper I would probably take SB over anyone but Gurley or for me DJ.

I should point out that my answer does change if bell is there. I just dont expect him to be, so I agree with this completely.

I’m just a crazy person sometimes… I think Zeke and Barkley will finish 1 and 2 in rushing this year, in that order.