Drafting 5th in an 8 man PPR league

Hey guys,

I am drafting 5th overall in an 8 man league with some of my friends (all very fantasy knowledgable). I am pretty sure Antonio Brown will be my pick at 5 but my question is what should I do on the wrap around? Do I go Brown and then best RB on the board or do I go Brown and grab another elite level WR like Michael Thomas or Davante Adams and just put off RB until the 3rd or 4th round?

Thanks for any advice

honestly, im going RB heavy. at spot 5 in an 8 man, you can still get pretty good return on an RB with your second pick since its basically pick 2.01 compaired to a regular 12 man league. you can get 2 top end RBs (which you will need every positional advantage in the smaller leagues cause everyones team is good) and then using the insane depth of WR left over to build around my RB core. there are insane values at WR later on, but the positional advantage of RBs becomes even more real because of all the teams being good. its also one of the few times i look at the top end TEs, because you really need that extra edge to put you over the top. so i might go something like, barkley for his potential, and then hope gordon falls to me. if not im looking at trying to get another RB thats top end if there are any left like a hunt or fournette. if not, i might go WR there and bank on grabbing a few rookie RBs (which i know, barkley and something like penny andd guice is really relying on rookies too much) and use their unknown status of what they will be to build my RBs with. someone is going to miss, but if you grab enough of them you should hit pretty good. thats the real problem with 8 man leagues, there are so many route to go. i could talk about the possible players at each round for hours with an 8 man haha.

So just so that I understand this. Are you saying you’d go RB heavy outside of the first round or including the first round meaning passing up on Antonio Brown? I don’t have any issue with that I just want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly. My biggest issue with going WR and then RB is I could missing out on another stud WR for a potential stud RB. MT/Allen/Jones all could be there and it’s hard for me to consider passing on them for Hunt/Cook.

sorry i sometimes ramble to the effect of not being clear. so what i was getting at was i would look at going RB RB to start the draft. i wouldnt force it, cause going in with a singular mindset of i HAVE to do this can really screw you in the long run. but it would be my first plan, and then i would adapt once it was actually happening. its just the thinnest position out there, and WR is the deepest so its easier to get a solid return on WRs later on. especially in a smaller league. i mean someone like sammy watkins (who i love as a late round guy who has an arm talent behind him to be an elite stat guy) is going in the 9th round as that teams WR1. which, some people argue with me on that because of tyreek hill but i always argue back, you dont pay a guy at top 5 of his position to be the third fiddle behind hill and kelce.

im starting to ramble again so ill stop there haha.