Drafting 5th round

Not a lot of good young options left. Should I draft desean Watson or dj Moore in my dynasty start up? Thank you. I have juju, Watkins, and mike Evans at wr right now

Watson fa sure as he’s got tremendous upside, the tools around him and is already a top 5 at the position, in terms of fantasy. He looks healthy once again, Deshaun it is.

Thank you. I will go Watson. I appreciate your input.

That’s a mistake. There has to be much more left on the board other than DJ Moore and Watson…

It’s only the 5th round.

yeah, i agree there has to be more than that that you can look at. a QB before round 8 is almost always a mistake. you lose so much value. so if i HAVE to choose between the 2, im taking the upside of a young potential (lets just call it what it is, he is their WR1) getting cams looks is much more appealing than watson.

14 man league it’s tough haha.

I cannot imagine those are actually the two best options on the board. Even in a 14 team league.