Drafting 6th, should I trade back? 10-team-Snake/PPR

So I am thinking about trading back from 6th pick because the “big 3-4” RBs will probably be gone at that point, and all the top WRs are basically the same tier. Should I trade back to 8/9/10 in order to get picks closer together in order to ensure I get two top-15 players, or should I remain at 6? Also, with 6 pick, I really do not know if I should go with best RB available (which would be Conner/Chubb/Cook/potentially Elliott if he scares ppl), or go with Adams/Hopkins/Julio and hope a higher tier RB falls to me in the 2nd. HELP!! I am strongly considering moving back to 10 and taking the best RB/WR available at the 10, and potentially Kelce at 11.

I say trade if you can but try getting an extra late round pick, or swap a mid round. If you get nothing for it I wouldn’t trade even if you get Adams Julio or Hopkins you getting the best and most risk adverse Top Tier WR. and an opportunity to have Zeke fall to you at 6 if not try maybe going WR, WR, then RB RB in subsequent rounds

Are you getting anything else in return or strictly just swapping positions?

Really just swapping positions unless someone is willing to swap extra. I had 1st overall pick, and now I’m just at a loss

I mean if you aren’t in love with anyone that you can get at 6 then yeah I say move back. I hate the thought of you moving back without getting even a random pick thrown in here or there too. Maybe to sweeten the deal for you make it where you only swap first and second round picks, that way your 3rd comes around sooner then if you and this other team would switch all your picks.

I just think if you are allowing someone to move up, they should at least toss in a little extra like a 4th or 5th rounder. Just my thoughts.