DRAFTING 8TH. 12 man 1/2 ppr

thinking about going Melvin or kamara at 8 as I know my league and pretty much know saquon is gone and so is AB. my guess is Melvin will be there. good pick or should I sit back and think about going deandre or odell instead and snagging maybe mccaffrey or McKinnon on the way back to get my RB1? suggestions?

I’d definitely go RB first. I’d probably lean Gordon a little over Kamara but can’t go wrong with either in my opinion.

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Its Kamara > OBJ > Hopkins > Gordon for me. But I’m more than comfortable going WR heavy / Zero RB early in the draft. If you don’t feel comfortable draft RBs in later rounds, then can definitely take Kamara or Gordon.

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Think I’m leaning towards Melvin on this one. I’m nervous about Kamara the 2nd half of the season. His body type is not built for everydown work. I’m afraid he may wear down the 2nd half because of the extra work he will see the first half of the year with Ingram on suspension the first 4 weeks. One reason he was so great was because he wasn’t on the field every down conserving his energy. Alvin Kamara isn’t the same back without Mark Ingram taking some of the workload off of him.

This is based on what? He wasn’t great because he got few touches. Plenty of people get few touches and suck. Kamara was great because he is an incredibly gifted runner with great acceleration in tight spaces and phenomenal balance. Half of those huge runs he made were only long because people couldn’t tackle the guy. His balance is insane.

Also, he is just a fantastic receiver out of the backfield. Great routes, great hands, great vision.

Also, it’s a misconception that he a small back. He is 5’10 and like 215-220. He’s not that small. He can definitely handle more work. Not sure if its right to just automatically assume he will somehow suck with more touches. Towards the later half of last season, Kamara was already taking over as the lead back. Ingram never saw more than 15 touches. Kamara had 60% of the workload and was still fantastic.

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i’m praying that Melvin Gordon drops to me. I’m really excited for him this year and would love to get him. I’d go Gordon for sure.

Afternoon Mike,

Last time I checked this is everyone’s opinion, didn’t know he asked for everyone to comment on everyone else’s thought. But since you would like to chat lets chat. Alvin Kamara doesn’t have to be a monster the entire season to end up as a top 10 RB for the year. Me having concerns about Alvin Kamara for the 2nd half of the season has nothing to do with me not taking him in the first round. Alvin Kamara is still for a first round pick for me, but I have more confidence in Melvin Gordon this year. I’m going to keep the response short and sweet because my intentions were to give my opinion to the creator of this thread, not to waste time going back and forth with you. You can’t go wrong with either back, but I have more concerns with Alvin than I do Melvin. Thanks for your feedback.

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First of all, It’s a free forum and we have free speech. I can say whatever I want. Anyone can comment on anything and share their opinions as you have and people will disagree and have back and forth. That’s the beauty of fantasy football. Lots of opinions out there and many can be right in their own way. I saw your comment and found it as an interesting take and didn’t really see the basis/foundation for some of the comments you made so I commented accordingly. If you can’t handle it, don’t post.

Also, I can see someone taking Gordon over Kamara. Plenty of people do cause of how safe Gordon is. None of my commentary suggested that it was wrong or disagreed with you for taking Gordon. I just don’t think your statement about Kamara being worn down for the second half or not being good without Mark Ingram has much support given Kamara’s workload in the 2nd half of last season.

Gordon is safer and less risk, totally agree with you there. Kamara to me is more risk but also higher upside. That’s a tradeoff people will frequently have to make and decide for themselves. And is something that’s always up for debate.

Thanks Mike

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If Gordon is there, I’m taking him. I have been his champion for a while now. To give you an idea, I would take him as high as pick 5, over AB. I know, that’s crazy to most. But he is their workhorse back, with a currently healthy o line, and caught 58 last year and says he wants more. I dont take what players say into account often, but when he said it, he sounded hungry. I’ll take a hungry workhorse back over most anyone. Cause to me he is the last elite RB you can get. Top 5 back last year, top 7 year before missing 3 games. His ceiling is RB1, his floor is RB12. There are very few you can say that about, they all just happen to be being drafted with the first 4 picks lol.

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I’m going Gordon myself, and it’s nothing to do with the other players available (I LOVE Beckham Jr this year) but I feel that after the top 5 backs, Gordon has the best blend of talent + opportunity to give those guys a run for a top 5 spot. He’s basically a lock for 275 rushing attempts and 45 or so receptions… too much has been made out of his 3.9 yards per carry; that’s a number I feel should improve (if even slightly). That kind of volume is hard to come by in the NFL and the guys behind him have question marks that Gordon doesn’t have.