Drafting a D/ST and kicker

I know most people spend their last 2 picks in a draft picking up a D/ST and a kicker. I’ve usually done it that way myself, but lately I’ve been rethinking it a bit. My league’s draft will have 16 rounds. It’s only an 8-team league so it’s shallow and we don’t have to reach too deep for sleepers.

My plan is to spend my last couple of picks on guys who I am certain will not be drafted, but could have big upside. That would give me the opportunity to pick the Jags D/ST and Gostkowski (or whoever might be considered the best). The way I figure it, grabbing my D/ST and kicker 2 rounds earlier than usual will give me an advantage at two positions and I can still grab my “swing for the fence” guys at the end of the draft.

Am I wrong to do it this way?

I use my last pick on a kicker, but I like taking a defense a couple rounds sooner.

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