Drafting a QB

When I’m looking at mock drafts and overall rankings, I always wonder if they go by QB’s scoring 4 or 6 points per TD. Where would you take Aaron Rodgers in a 6pt per TD league?

Solid question. In my 10man PPR QB (like all other positions) gets 6. He’ll typically go in the late 2nd at the turn. The guys who usually draft him are banking on 40 TDs.

4 point or 6 point doesnt change anything for me. a QBs value is based off of what roster spots your league has. so if its still a 1 QB. no superflex league, then im not looking at getting aaron rodgers until the 5th round. which means, im never going to have aaron rodgers. and honestly, i would probably still pass on him then too. im filling my harder to find spots first. WR and RB. depth is far too important to blow it on a position when you can grab a top 10 guy at in the 10th round. hell, last year i grabbed russel wilson in a league in the 10th. there are always good values late for QB.