Drafting advice?

Drafting in about 2wks. League is a 10 team half point ppr league. I’m drafting at 4 and am toying with the idea of taking Hopkins. Also, I’m very high on Le’Veon due to the pass catching ability and targets. What would you do at 4? Thanks!

In 2 weeks, I feel like I’m still taking Zeke there. I’m not against taking Hopkins, but I think in a 10 team league I like the depth at WR a hell of a lot more than at RB.

You could still end up with someone like Cook or Mixon in the 2nd for security (maybe even Gurley, but he carries his own risk) if you do pull the trigger on Zeke… or if you go top receiver in the 2nd you’re looking at Aaron Jones, Freeman, Fournette, or Damien Williams.

I see what your saying and I’ve toyed with the idea of taking Zeke if he’s there. My thing is that he’ll play this year, but when? Also, in the first round you want to limit risk. I’ve ran mocks on the sleeper app where I go WR first three rounds and end up with the likes of Hopkins, Mike Evans, and or Tyreek Hill and coming back with Theilen. Then in rounds 4 and 5 taking the likes of a Chris Carson or Mark Ingram and pairing them with a guy like Tevin Coleman who gives you a higher upside due to his pass catching ability.

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