Drafting App/Software

I really love all the information given in the ultimate draft kit. But I am hoping to find software that will help someone like me even more. Using tiers and rankings work great if you have the normal scoring/amount of teams in the league. But for example if you have 12 teams or you play 2 QBs things change drastically.
I have seen machine learning to predict player value and create rankings. I believe human information is too important.
But, it would seem there would be machine learning to help with the draft. It could run tons of simulation with the scoring/set up of your league. So when you draft it could give you recommendations. IE top 3 recommended player, odds of players being available next pick, etc… Be able to look at other teams. Maybe at pick 8 it says the best value is QB but pick 9-12 all have their QB. So you pick your flex player.
Maybe it would find that in your 8 man league TE value is high and you should take them in the first round.
PS – being able to work with major websites to auto remove picks and put them on the teams is ideal.

Fantasy Pros can do this now. I believe it is behind a paywall.

I used fantasypros last year and it is OK. But I would like to know it is using machine learning to test to see which way wins.

IE draft a Kelce in the first round and see what happens. Wait until round 10 to draft a QB, etc…