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Drafting at 1


So i just found out i have the #1 overall in a 12 team PPR and ive been doing a few mocks but have not been totally happy with my picks that im getting in the 2nd and 3rd round. Any suggestions i for the 2.12 and 3.1 picks? Should i consider trading back? thanks guys!


well i hope with 1.01 you took DJ or bell, but i also have #1 overall in a 12 team ppr but i have made trades to get evans in the 2nd but with that im 2nd to last pick in the 3rd so my mocks are a bit different. If you look at the UDK tiers you should be able to make your choice off of that

I personally would get another back…idk (lynch or miller) and then a wideout…(cooper, or baldwin) etc. Like i said idk whos gonna be there in your mocks/real draft but those tiers definitely help


personally i have done a few mocks at 1.01 just to see, and i have taken a liking to getting doug baldwin and crowell. but, i have also had some luck going dougie fresh and amari cooper, then on the next turn taking a RB and WR. something like gillislee, and crabtree. next turn somethin like golden tate and powell to get some more depth. thats 7 picks and my teams have looked like this after just 6.

Doug Baldwin
Amari Cooper

thats a strong WR core, decent RBs with a lot of potential. if anything ill probably follow that up with another RB, just to hedge my bets a little. like a J stewart or something. then im hunting for a TE. which can usually get someone like kyle rudolph next. then me personally, i dont care about K DST or QB near as much. i can stream all of those spots pretty easy.

anyway i know this was more than asked about, its just to show you what kind of value you can find later that will complement your 2nd and 3rd pick. hope this helps!


oh, crap i was supposed to say jarvis laundry or julian edleman instead of crabtree haha. dont want both amari and the crab man.


Baldwin never seems to go as high as he should, great value at the back of the 2nd.


If you’re at #1, you’re obviously getting Johnson or Bell. I’d always double down on a RB with the 2nd pick to have, probably, the best 1-2 RB punch in the league. Grab a solid backup in rounds 6-7 and you’re golden.


Like others have said, if you’re at #1, either go DJ or Bell and I have to agree with taking another RB at the end of round 2. Then get your receivers. I think you’ll have a solid RB core and can build a pretty good WR core in rounds 3 and 4.