Drafting at Twelve

Man it is SO HARD not to just go nuclear at WR from that spot in mocks. The RBs sitting there are not normally appetizing. Sometimes Eckler & Taylor are there, in which case I take both. Otherwise, Mixon? Meh. Najee? Feels risky, but 300 touches is appealing.

More and more RB/WR feels better, balanced, safer. Safer is so boring though!

If kelce is available that could be a great pick. If not I’d still grab 2xrb. Even though adams/Hill/Hopkins/jefferson/ridley etc are great, rbs after the first 2 rounds go way down and we know wrs will still be good after. Ekeler/Harris could be amazing.

I thought the ballers mock draft where Jason was at 12 was a good example of going another direction than 2xRB. Modified zero RB can work if you take a chance on some of the committees with later picks (Connor, Drake, Melvin Gordon, Trey Sermon, etc.)

That was a good episode!

Yeah, I think I like the idea of Kelce. Then I do it and don’t feel good about it. I’d rather punt on TE and grab one of the running QBs.

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I hear you. I much prefer 2xrb and then waller or Andrews in the 3rd or 4th.