Drafting Baldwin over TY

I am considering drafting Baldwin over Ty hilton. Would you rather pair together Baldwin and michael Thomas or ty and Michael Thomas ?

tough question…they’re in the same round in ADP (though baldwin is in front) and they’re basically in the same tier in most rankings. So it’s about who’s got the better crystal ball.

Both of these recievers’ qb’s can chuck it, but both have lousy o-lines. One is working in a new offensive system, and the other guy’s knee is a worry.

It’s pretty much a wash talent wise, so I can see why you’re asking for a tie-breaker.

I would go with TY, but that’s just based on a hunch that he and Luck will have a big fantasy year, not much else…

Agree that it’s pretty 50/50. Doug would probably be a little safer, while TY probably has more upside. As a Colts fan I can almost guarantee TY is either going to give you a huge week, points-wise, or score like 4 haha.

I’d much rather have Baldwin.