Drafting Defense?

This is my 3rd year playing fantasy football. I joined another league and they have spots to draft defense, 3 to be exact.
Not sure how I should approach this. Any pointers or advice on what stats to look at…any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Didn’t have much info when I did research. Please help!!

Defensive players correct?

Elite linebackers are the best IDP players… Guys like lule kuechle. Bosa is one of the first DE to come off the board, but he’ll lag in tackles. Depending on if you league awards passes defended a few of the elite DBs (guys with larger tackle totals who defend passes) are worth a look too if you miss out on the top few LBs

So you START three IDP players?

I drafted Bosa. Yes 3 every week :frowning:

I also have, Kevin Byard, Marcus Peters, and Zach Brown.

Bosa and Byard have the same bi-week.

i always went for guys who get high tackle numbers. Also chased sacks. A guy like Landon Collins gets tons of tackles and will add a few INT’s. Zach Brown was a tackling machine and was a good add. I’d look at some stats from last year and see who the top tacklers are.