Drafting early

With the recent retirement of A. Luck and the L. Miller injury, why do leagues have their drafts so early? My league drafts Tuesday and Wednesday after Labor Day

I’m very much an advocate for drafting as close to the season opener as well - we do Sunday of LDW. I think for most people, it’s a combination of availability for people plus excitement for the season.

Sometimes it’s hard to get 12 people’s schedules to line up to draft on the right weekend. In theory yeah you want to draft as late as possible, but it doesn’t always happen. Especially if you’re drafting in person.

I firmly believe it doesn’t matter when you draft.

Sure If you look at this weekend and if you drafted high on Luck or Miller, it sucks. But you likely shouldn’t have drafted either highly (assuming 1QB leagues which are the majority) and Miller has been an RB30 or later all draft season.

There are benefits to drafting early. Guys like Justice Hill and Darwin Thompson were free. Curtis Samuel was a 10+ round pick. David Montgomery and Miler Sanders could easily be drafted 3 or 4 rounds later.

Guys get hurt all year, not just in the NFL pre/regular season. It’s hyperbole but why not draft after week 1? Then you’ll def know who’s hurt or holding out, right?

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Both of my leagues draft in person so it’s always because of schedule. Granted the league I’m the commish in it’s always the Sunday before Labor Day every year so everyone knows. Don’t worry, I got bit last year with McKinnon tearing his ACL the day after my draft in one league so it happens.

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