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Drafting fifth overallh


Do I take OBJ or McCoy fifth overall?




2rb/3rb 0.5ppr


I went OBJ I just couldn’t let him slide past me


But I think overall should have went with shady, running backs are hard to come by and recivers are so deep. Could have got shady then Michael Thomas or coop 2nd rnd. Get hunt from Kc now that ware is hurt


Personally, I’m not even considering McCoy at 5. I very concerned he’s going to torpedo a lot if rosters this year. I want no part of what’s going on in Buffalo right now. If you want an RB, I’d strongly consider Freeman. That said, I’d probably take OBJ.

Edit: Sorry, didn’t see that the decision had already been made. I think you made the right call.


I ended up getting Gurley, Lamar Miller and D Thomas as my other top 4 after taking OBJ. I think I was able to put together a solid starting RB group


Sounds solid. If Gurley hits, it could be great.