Drafting from 5th, full 1 pt PPR

Kamara, D. Cook or M. Thomas

I’d lean towards Kamara. He should have positive regression this year where the other two’s number will regress.

Same question for me. I’m throwing Clyde in the mix too.

Kamara issue is that drafting him 5th is about his upside no? And with the contract and injury buzz it feels like there is a 50/50 chance that knocks him down to a lower end rb1.

I would personally go Michael Thomas but I am torn as I have a 15tg round keeper in Hollywood and a 17th in Chark.

How many people are in your league? Top tier RBs are harder to come by then WRs.

for mine - it is a 14 team league. It would seem like the Delta between Thomas and the receivers I would get in the 3rd-4th is likely less than the delta between CEH/Kamara/Dalvin and the RBs I would get in the same area.