Drafting from the 11

Im drafting from the 11th spot in my 12 man full PPR league… in alamost every mock I do, OBJ and Melvin Gordon both routinely fall to me, and I can usually get Gordon in the 2nd if I go OBJ in the first. I guess my question is; Should I run with that strategy? OBJ in the first and risk waiting on Gordon. Or should I just Jump on Gordon at 11 and go with a guy like Cook in the 2nd?

personally I would go Gordon, but if I were in the draft with you in the 6-10 range I’m not sure I’d let Gordon fall to you. The best way to approach it is to think, would you be okay with OBJ and Cook, or would you be sad to let Gordon go? If he is who you really want just take him and hope 1.12 guys doesn’t like OBJ.

Don’t risk it. If you rather have Gordon then take Gordon. Take the guy you want. You’re better off taking him a few picks ahead, than gambling he’ll come back to you and then they don’t.

In my experience a lot of guys let the espn proj make them second guess and espn has gordon as a mid 2nd round back as far as overall ranking goes… this is just a home league btw… and i know Bell, DJ, Gurley, Zeke, Kamara, Hunt, AB, Hopkins, Saquon are all 100% for sure going before Gordon… and im about 99% positive the guy before is going Julio since hes a hardcore Julio truther and still shits on Gordons efficiency after the last 2 seasons

Yeah Im thinking Gordon in the first… if OBJ falls to me in the 2nd cool, if not, Im happy with Cook as my RB2… that being said, if somehow they both fall to me… would you take Cook as an RB2 or OBJ as the WR1?

I’m taking Gordon before Barkley. I know Barkley has the upside but the Giants don’t. Give me the Rb on the team that I KNOW is better.

Yeah thats how I feel about him but Im keeping it low key among friends lol… I just started mocking last week (gave myself a break from fantasy for a month or 2) and was shocked when I saw Gordon going early-mid 2nd round and Barkley going at 4-6 overall

PUMP THEM BRAKES FELLA. One thing we know fa sure, Barkley will never have #s similar to Gordon’s rookie campaign. Another thing we are forecasting, Barkley has more points than Gordon this season than any of Gordon’s years. Way too much upside w/Barkley for us!!!

I’m going RB the first two picks if Antonio is there I’ll obviously take him. Too many good WRs this year that can go in the later rounds. So m. Gordon and d. Cook is legit in my book. Good luck amigo