Drafting from the 3 - draft grade / thoughts?

Drafted outta the 3. Def messed up my 2nd pick taking mixon over m Thomas, it was originally half ppr but it is now full ppr.

10 team friends and family league

Qb - brees
RB- bell
RB - mixon
Wr - fitz
Wr - Keenan allen
Te- burton
Flex - lynch
Def - broncos / Texans
Kicker - lutz

Bench - Edelman
Bench - k Benjamin
Bench - jamal Williams
Bench - marlon Mack
Bench - c clement
Bench - kerryon Johnson


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This is an insane team.

1st of all, changing from half ppr to full ppr after the draft is actually some absolute BS. If I was in that league, i would just leave. It worked out great for you cause you got 2 PPR monsters in Allen/Fitz.

I def wouldve taken Thomas over Mixon but you made up for it cause somehow…Allen went in the 3rd round which is just absurd to me.

Lynch is a great flex and you got some decent guys on the bench with upside.

Overall, great draft IMO.

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Agreed like I said it’s a friends and family league so it is what it is I’ll live. Thanks for the insight I agree I got lucky in that regard the reason that was is because rbs go instantly off the board for that league because they can be used in the flex and everyone values them highly, which is why they made if full PPR.

The Thomas brees stack woulda been nice but oh well glad it looks good on paper still