Drafting from the 3rd spot in a Startup!

  • 4 player keeper league, this is the original draft.
  • Full PPR, 14 person league.
  • 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 K, 1 D/ST - 5 Bench spots.

I’m thinking of taking Barkley or Hopkins at the 3rd spot. Looking for suggestions?


if david johnson is available, i would consider him over Barkley probs.

Definitely take one of the top RB’s at the #3 pick. If Bell or Gurley are gone, I’d have my eyes set on Barkley, Zeke or DJ. Barkley would be my choice, I just see way too much potential, even if he’s never played an NFL snap.

We are confidently going w/the BRONX NATIVE on this one! If David J and Zeke Elliot can put up #s like they have early on in their careers, there’s no reason to believe that Barkley can’t join/beat them.

People may shout, well the situation of there’s is different, blah blah. One thing I know is that David J missed a year and Zeke will defs have another off field situation at some point in his career. Yes dallas got a great off line blah blah and yes David J injury was a wrist blah blah.

No doubt it’s risky in year 1, but the Barry Sanders like comparisons exist. He moves so fluid, flashing speed and strength w/great hands. Ridiculous combine. W/ODB lightning quickness and blazing speed on the outside, plenty of underneath receiving options will open up. Heck he may finish w/Giants 2nd best receiving #s in all 3 receiving cats, NUFF said!

This Barkley bandwagon is Official, sign us up. Currently only got Gurley & Bell in front of him on our boards. Doesn’t matter the scoring format for us.


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Lemme add to that, WAY TOO MUCH potential

Yea I would go Barkley here.hopkins has had down yrs although with bad qbs we still don’t know if watson has just had a good yr.its very important to get the big 5 rb1’s.and I believe Barkley has the best road to success on the ground and the air over zeke and dj.mainly because of all the stacked boxes and defenses making it a priority to shutdown dj and alliot

Zeke 100% should be your target. If not I would look at saquon or david johnson, your preference. Obviously gurley if he’s there but I don’t imagine he will still be there.

In the 3rd spot, I’d go DJ or Zeke. DJ is a monster for recepts and a dominant runner and it does make me more comfortable that his injury was a wrist and not a lower body. Zeke is also a strong choice - they feed him 20+ carries and he will get you 4-6 targets/game. I would target WR’s with your 2nd/3rd picks unless another great RB falls to you

Definitely dont grab Hopkins. I think we all forget how much the giants o line sucks. What happened when an all star like mixon got shoved behind a bad Oline next to a mediocre qb? Barkley will be top 10, he has top 5 upside, but I’m taking DJ, Zeke, and Gordon over Barkley.

I was going to post the same thing. I have the 3rd pick in a re-draft and i’m considering Barkley, DJ or AB…I think DJ might have a worse O-line than Barkely AND the Cardinals receiving options are trash (fitz isn’t really dominant WR1 like he used to be, even though he’ll get you a bunch of catches) which means he will have the box stacked against him quite a lot. AB is always a great option at 1.3

I would definitely not take Hopkins with the 3rd pick. If AB is there he is easily the best WR in fantasy and would be worth that pick if you don’t take a RB. That being said, I would probably take DJ, Barkley, Gordon and then Zeke in that order, although if Gurley or Bell is there for whatever reason I would take them.