Drafting from the 4th spot ppr

Have pick four in a 10 team ppr. Pretty sure the typical top two plus Mahomes will go in front of me. We start 4 Wr. Am I overthinking it by considering Devonte Adams over Kamara or Henry

I guess this is a super flex?
Even if this was a superflex, I wouldn’t go QB so early- especially if you’re in a 10 man. As for Devante- I think you’re overthinking it. Get your RB1. There is so much WR depth, that you’ll be able to make up but RB talent significantly drops after those top 10 guys. Even after those top 4 guys it drops.

Not a super flex and I agree on the qb. He’s a kc homer So with that Kamara or Henry

We had that discussion on another thread yesterday.

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