Drafting from the 5th spot

…in a 12 teamer, full pt PPR, 1 QB, !RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX, K, and DEF. Any strategies for drafting 5th? I have mine but I’d love to hear what anyone else thinks!

draft what you see that is right…

I would not go in with a strategy.

you’re gonna get a big boy with 5
then after, look WR first and then RBs that can catch.

I think Cook will fall to you and that should be gold in the 2nd.

I’ve seen guys in my league fill their starters first and then move on…and they always make the playoffs…

then typically go high QB then best wr or rb back to back, then best available after that…they value around rudolph round TW

Agreed. Let the cards fall between 1 & 4. You’re in a golden spot. #greatRBwillbethere

Is there a bigger difference between Antonio Brown/Hopkins (who I could take 5th) and the next tier of WR’s (Diggs, Thielen, Fitzgerald) or is the gap bigger between DJ, Zeke, Barkley, or Gordon and the next tier of RB’s (Howard, Freeman, and Mixon)? That’s the question.

No way I get Cook with the 2nd pick and I’m not that high on him anyway. Murray will be stealing the goal line and plenty of touches all season long.

Thanks. Think I have to grab RB first but passing on Brown for Barkley, Zeke, or Gordon just sounds like a dumb move. I can see passing on Brown for Zeke or DJ could be argued but…barely.

I guess if cook drafted others agree he’s good. I’d take cook all day.

If youre not near cook someone drafting weird. You said 12 league correct ???

Yep. Huge difference brown Hopkins. One has done it consistently and going HOF

Gap is RB.

Julio Jones considered top 12.

Look numbers between julio and Larry. Not that far apart.

I’m saying Cook won’t be there for my 2nd pick. If I’m drafting 5th, my second pick is 19th and Cook is gone there.
You’re not worried about Murray? I’ve heard Minn planning to split carries. I had Cook last year and he was a stud til he went down.
Real talk on the receivers! Fritz season rests with Bradford though and that’s scary.

5th spot is nice i prefer to go 2 rbs in a row myself.if somebody takes brown youve got a good chance at zeke or dj falling to you. get your horse then get another. i like devonte freeman in the 2nd round. hes reliable the falcons should be better in the 2nd year of this new offense. hes a high floor and can reach a high ceiling kind of guy. cook scares me they could ease him back into a committee with murray to start.they saw what happened when they gave him no limitations. although injuries are not predictable i try to avoid that kind of situation with a high capital pick if possible.

Good stuff. Considering back to back with the RB’s. I can get WR’s like Diggs, Fitz, Marvin Jones with the 3/4 picks. Thanks!

I was just giving you an example of gap.

Some think a guy like Fitz, because there are no other receivers, will get plenty of touches…

I like doing things different. If everyone is doing one thing and just drafting based on the board, I am trying to do things the way I see it and taking risk…Id rather go for the win, then try to be safe and be the consistent failure.

with 19 there should be some very solid stuff there.

I think Baldwin is going to be big. I don’t like Minn receivers. I think Gordon may be big. I wanted him but I decided to fuck with my entire league by drafting a certain way…

Gordon missed training because they are being super careful with him AND he gets it…

That dud has potential to be top WR for the year…I like that risk in round 3 maybe.

If you go heavy WRs then you can take risk on those guy.

Let’s say you get a beast RB at 5, and that is what I would do unless I was forced to take Brown. I might even take Barkley over Brown although many would disgree…then if you go heavy WR after that you can take risk on Gordon and Edelmen…and other guys considered big upsides.

It may not work, but if it does you might win league and you can pull off trades later…

no one plays with balls in my league so I win a lot…they all play it safe

Love diggs and Fitz. Also love Golden tate 4 straight 90+ reception seasons high floor player for a wr2. Goodluck in your draft!

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You have a ton of options. In the first round I always go with whoever I think has the least amount of bust potential and the highest amount of wr1 or rb1 potential.

To me, that’s Antonio Brown. The guy has done nothing but succeed whether it’s in the short game, the long ball, the red zone, the toe tap, whatever it may be. He is the most exciting player to watch in football. You actually can’t go wrong taking him.

Especially with it being full ppr- you are automatically guaranteeing yourself 100 catches.

You will find RBs that will move the chain on 3rd down- Tarik cohen late sleeper with Nagy. Tevin Coleman, burkhead, duke, Crowell, chris Carson. These aren’t household names but if you can get brown, come back get a guy like maybe McKinnon or Freeman and then start stacking on later rbs who can catch the rock as well-- I think you would be in control all year.

Yeah, I love risk but tend to play it safe. I research the shit out of everything but this is my first year listening to podcasts and joining sites like this. I commish a $420 buy in 12 teamer for the last 8 years and have yet to win. That changes this year! Thanks for the info and perspective! Good luck in your league!

The guy drafting first is a huge Texans fan and he sucks at FFB. He’s def taking Hopkins at no. 1. He’s pretty much the only goofball in my league so it should go relatively by the book after he drafts. But because he’s taking Hopkins (95% chance he does), that means I will have either Zeke, DJ, or Brown for sure. Tough choice and you are 100% right about Brown but he is tied to Big Ben, Landry can’t get it to him 100 times so there’s that too. Thanks for commenting! Good luck!