Drafting Gurley and Henderson

In a 10 team PPR keeper league drafting 2nd overall, I’m seeing Todd Gurley reach me in the second round quite often in my mock drafts.

If I were to take him there, would taking Darrel Henderson at the top of the 5th round to ensure that I have the Rams backfield locked up too early of a spot to take him or would you wait until the back of the 6th to take him?

I’m guaranteed either Kamara or McCaffrey as my first pick and I’m seeing a lot of value at WR at almost every round in my mock drafts.

What do you guys think?

Think going in on the 5th round Henderson is aggressive…you are giving up quality players and quality starters like Drake. Not to mention the assumption is Henderson would get gurley’s work load if he cant go but Malcolm brown was signed by the lions to a sheet and rams matched it to keep him there, meaning thier is a chance Brown is the back up or at least a time share occurs. Taking your shot on gurley in the second is fine if he is hurt move forward with another option but his upside of league winning/week winning is still there. I would wait till 7-9 to look for henderson and be comfortable not getting him.

If you draft gurley, you’re all in on gurley. I wouldn’t bother drafting Henderson. If Gurley starts, henderson has little standalone value this season. Spending a 5th round pick on a glorified handcuff hoping you hit the lottery with Kamara is a bit egregious