Drafting in the Middle (Redraft) - Strategy/Advice

Hi Footclan, my home redraft league draft isn’t too far off, it’s a 12 team standard scoring league. I’m the defending champ and draft position is random at the moment so i’m doing various mocks to practice.

The area i find myself struggling or looking at me time at the end and thinking ‘meh’ is picking from the 7th spot especially but at times the 6th and 8th as well. Anyone have any good tips/strategies for picking from the middle spot(s)? Is it acceptable to reach somewhat here as well to get your guys?

As it’s standard i tend to go RB heavy but in the middle of the 1st i often find myself seeing Saquon, Hopkins, OBJ (more than you think) and thinking i can’t pass on Hop or OBJ for an RB outside of the top 4 can I? But if i take the WR the standard of RBs left leaves me reaching in my opinion but going WR/WR often gets me Hop or OBJ and then Adams or Allen which in half or full PPR i’d take to the bank every time

How are you drafting and who are you usually ending up with that you are not happy about?

I mean more in general by picking in the middle you tend to face the decision of whether to reach for a player to get a higher tier player from that position or taking the lower tier player and going with need/constructions.

So it’s really from round 2, round 1 sets the tone and unless some drops I’m usually with Hopkins or OBJ or Saquon but by taking one of the WRs I really need to look at RBs but mid round 2 its usually D.Freeman, McKinnon, Mixon and co at the top of that tier or WRs like Allen, Adams are there too. Now I don’t love having one of those RBs as my RB1 and I like the WR more, so do I go WR/WR in standard and gamble on RBs or let another potential WR1 go and take a safe(ish) RB2/low end 1? Or would taking a guy like Gronk be the play?

Or am I overthinking lol!? As it’s standard

It’s the opening 5 rounds where I want to get some safer high quality guys and get my risky players after that. My league drafts in the same way so no one takes flier picks, I can see McKinnon falling to the 4th for example because I know what everyone thinks about him so there aren’t too many misses early on. But I know that I do the most research and in the rounds 6 onwards I always get the value and upside guys… so far! So opening rounds I want to nail if I’m in the middle section of the draft

If I am drafting in the middle I find myself happier coming out of the first two rounds going RB/WR and starting with a duo of something like Barkley/AJ Green or Kamara/Allen than a duo of Hopkins/McCaffrey or Beckham/Howard.

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When drafting in the middle/back half of the 1st, I usually take either an RB zero or WR zero approach. I don’t really like to mix and match cause I want to dominate at a particular position. So it depends who falls.

Given how much focus people are putting on RBs, there is definitely lots of value at WR. I’ve seen people get OBJ/Hopkins b2b from the 1.08 position. Or any combo of OBJ/Hopkins a MT/JJ/Allen/Adams is a pretty lethal open and as safe as it gets at the WR position and you can take your shot on the rookie RBs later on rather than trying to gamble on a McKinnon/Mixon type.

Alternatively, if you’re drafting from the 1.06-1.07, totally fine with grabbing Saquon and Kamara first and then picking up a D. Freeman in the 2nd. Also wouldn’t be shocked if at 1.06, you can get AB. Lots of people on the Saquon hype train and drafting him over AB. So if you got AB at 1.06, the draft totally opens up for you again to do whatever you want.

That’s why I don’t play in 8 team leagues, lol

I’m talking about 10-12 man leagues. Not a joke, I’ve seen people get OBJ and Hopkins lol. Super rare, but I’ve seen it happen.

Would be stoked if I ended up with those 2 b2b and to be fair I can see AB falling to the middle, my league mates are high on Barkley enough to take him over AB for sure.

Thanks for the feedback though guys, I’ll try a few more with a WR/WR strategy unless someone falls at RB and see how it looks. Like you say the price on RBs is so high I agree that in a real draft people will start to scramble early for one of the bigger names and the WRs will fall more than in mocks

Kamara is the last of the early RBs I like, and he is RB5 for context. Otherwise I think passing on OBJ is too hard for me. Fortunately I am high on many rookie RBs (I love upside though). I know they are not as safe, but in the 5/6 round I do not mind many of them. I seem to get OBJ / Freeman and I am stoked on that. I like it better than going with Barkley / Thielen. For me, the only WR I have been taking in the 2nd would be Allen if he fell which would give me WR / WR. In general I try to go one of each in the first two, but I also look for a few players over ‘balance.’

3/4 I am normally looking WR with 5/6 being RB, but it totally depends on how the draft is unfolding.

I hope any of this helps / makes sense.

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Thanks for your input and yes I’ve been seeing OBJ/Freeman quite a few times, actually picking at 7 and loads at 6 i’m getting AB almost every time as an option as well which is crazy, but the RB price is so high seeing 6 straight in the first isn’t that strange.

So I’m tending to just take what i get in the first, and especially if i’m getting a guy like AB fall all the way to 7 i’m happy with that then i’ll either load on RBs and get a WR with upside in the 5th or if a guy like Allen makes it back to me i’ll weigh up the RBs vs him but usually happy enough to get two solid guys.

I have experimented a few times and i went way off the beaten path for me and i got AB a few times at 7, and then went Gronk in the 2nd and then just for experimenting went Rodgers in the third as he fell to me,. So i suppose i went with the juggernaut approach getting the best WR, best TE and best QB then loaded up on RBs and evened out. Actually tried it a few times and was pretty happy with how it ended up, people seemed to go for even building so there were a lot of decent rookie and RB2s left for me to take three straight. Not sure i’d do that if it fell to me in the real draft but in a standard scoring redraft league it is tempting as those three guys would put me in a position to win every week.

Ah! Well clearly I would add AB to that OBJ comment :wink:

The juggernaut is not a bad approach, and I would include Ertz in that TE position of Gronk is a bit too risky feeling from a health POV. But I do like Gronk better that early.

Good luck!

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