Drafting in the top 3 was too good this year

So we’re in the 10th year of our fantasy league. This was the first season which we implemented that the winner was able to choose which spot in the draft he wanted and picked in that order descending from 1st.

I’ve won this league 3 times, but I had a bad team last year and finished 7th. So this season, I ended up with the 6th pick, and I’m going to finish 7th or 8th. I’m in 3 other leagues…in the two leagues I picked in the top 4, I’m 1st and 2nd.

When you go back and look at the ADP, especially in 10 team leagues. Drafting in the top 4 was so much better than drafting late (unless you drafted DJ)

Say you drafted 2nd or 3rd in a 10 teamer. You ended up with Le’Veon, AB, or Zeke. Which were phenomenal.

Then in the 2nd round, Leonard Fournette, Todd Gurley, Gronk were all usually sitting there.

3rd round was good too, where DeAndre Hopkins and Brandin Cooks were usually going in the first half of the 3rd or so.

4 Round was just as good. You had Mark Ingram, Keenan Allen, and Christian McCaffrey going near the end of the 4th.

So if you drafted in the top 4 in a 10 teamer. It’s very possible you ended up with Antonio Brown, Gronk, DeAndre Hopkins, and Mark Ingram. Just those players in the first 4 rounds would carry you to the playoffs. The back end of the draft was so much riskier and filled with inconsistency. It was so unfair drafting early this year.

You guys don’t do snake draft? Without the draft being snake I think it would be highly unfair in a redraft league.

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in a snake draft those are the guys you end up with, if it wasnt a snake draft and it just repeated 1-10/12 it would be unfair AF.

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I disagree, took DJ with the 1st pick… then with the last pick of the second I took Rodgers… still 8-4 and clinched a playoff spot so I’m happy I made it this far.

Just goes to show you don’t win your league (or make the playoffs) in your draft alone. Team management, smart waiver moves, trades etc are all what make a champion.

Have to agree with Alve, my first three picks were DJ, TY, and Zeke. Along with Anderson and then Meredith going down, I still managed to clinch a playoff birth given great pickups in the WW (Shepard, Funches, & Hogan)