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Drafting into IR


How do you handle your IR in or immediately following the draft? I’m doing an offline draft with ESPN. My thought is to draft our 15 players/team, upload our rosters, and then let those that want to slide a player to the IR do so using ESPN’s typical functionality.


Never used ESPN, but it sounds like you got the right idea. What would the alternative be? Drafting a guy straight into an IR spot and getting another draft pick?


It seems to me like some leagues may allow another draft pick immediately
after sliding a player into the IR - essentially giving the team two draft
picks for that round. When I think about the implications of that, it
doesn’t seem fair. Jordan Reed is eligible for the IR spot according to
ESPN. I don’t think it would be fair if he were drafted in say the 6th
round of your home league as a free pick allowing the drafting team to get
another 6th round pick.


Hmm. I’m not a fan of that if that’s the case. Seems like there may be more to it than that though. What’s to stop you from taking Reed in the first round straight into your IR, then picking your first rounder as you normally would? Unless everyone has the option to do that in the first round…