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Drafting Luck Advice


In my work league, everyone avoided Luck like the plague. He fell to me in the 10th round and I said, “Don’t mind if I do!” Awesome value. Problem is when is he coming back? No one knows and the Colts aren’t talking.

With my last pick, I had a choice…

  1. take a kicker hoping Luck will be fine
  2. bypass a kicker and draft a backup QB

I took the latter. Took Rivers with the last pick hoping some time befor the season starts Luck will be back in the huddle.

But what if he isn’t? I’ve got Rivers but who do I cut (or should I cut) a player from my bench to make room for a kicker? It’s a 5 player bench and has a lot of talent. Currently, my bench players are Gore, Woodhead, Martavis Bryant, and Robinson. Or do I just play with no kicker?

What should I do here?


If you really don’t want to cut anyone check the free agents and see if any kickers are available for the two Monday night games. That way you’ll have an idea if a kicker will help you win or not. If needed I would cut Gore.


Same situation happened to me. Grab luck in the 10th as well as I couldn’t watch him fall more due to the value.

My league has an IR spot so it solved the issue, simply placed him there right after the draft and grabbed myself a kicker from the free agent list. Not sure if you have an IR spot but if so it could solve everything and avoid dropping anyone