Drafting Question...Dynasty start up

So i recently joined a new start up dynasty…We are drafting after the super bowl for our base teams, then will do a rookie draft this summer.

Question is, i’m sitting at the #9 spot in a snake draft. 0.5 ppr.

In my “mocks” this is what lands my way…just curious on everyone’s opinion.

M. Gordan
D. Johnson
Dalvin Cook

So this is a 12 team dynasty…so i would have #9 then #16 so a good chance i could get up with at least two of them.

I’m leaning… Gordan then Julio/Conner/D.J /Mixon probably in that order…HELP

You should go off book and draft Fitzgerald. I say that because I want to mess with you as the timings are eerily similiar to a dynasty league i have joined that is starting up, and you might be in it.

But in all seriousness from what i hear plan wise for teams and consistency ratings amongst the othere players, i go dalvin.

Mocking is great and your best advantage in the draft. That said, remember to stay water. Pivot when given the opportunity.

With that out of the way. Typcailly your first few picks dictate your strategy for the reminder of your draft. Taking an RB first followed puts you into the ‘win now’ mode. Is that you intention? If so, than I love those picks. Julio is slipping from the first due to age. A contender/win now team can take advantage of that situation.

Whereas taking Mixon and Juju, for example, is a future play. Might be good now and contend. But your playing for future dynasty wins. As in use youthful player to ge good for a long time. Maybe not great right now.

I’d say Melvin, but honestly most of those names are pretty good to me. If your draft allows pick trading (WHICH IT SHOULD) then I’d totally field offers to trade back.

Last year during my dynasty startup draft I traded back from the 1.11 to the 2.05 and gained a 2019 1st rounder+ a later round pick upgrade (I think an 8th rounder to a 6th maybe?)

Try to trade back, see if you could start your draft off with Nick Chubb and/or Mike Evans or something


I am new to Dynasty so can you expand and explain the trading back bit to me please? I have seen other talk about trading back for more picks later, but its confusing for me.

So you gave your 1.11 first round startup pick for the 2.05 spot… So assuming a 12 man league, does that mean you ended up with no first round pick, but had the 2.02(14th overall) and 2.05(17th overall) pick?

You dropped the 11th and 14th to get the 14th and 17th?

But he gave you his 2019 rookie 1st pick, so you had 2 first round picks from the rookie class coming up instead of one?

To me picking from a rookie draft is a gamble though isn’t it? Unless there’s a Saquon in there, won’t most rookies be bench players for a year or so before they make any impact? Or am I undervaluing the rookie draft

Trading back on principal is gaining value, typically depth, for your current pick. It can look like:

  • I trade you my 4.01 for your 4.09 and a 8th
  • I trade you my 4.01 for your 6th and 7th

In both cases you have provided value, a high pick the other did not previously have, and you have gained value. 2 picks compared to one. Where those picks are is really important to trading back. In general, trading to get a 14-18 round of a startup is not as valuable.

I would agree with your comment that trading Vet draft picks for rookie picks is risky. I personally do follow this strategy. I would rather trade my rookie picks for vet picks. This might be an angle you can take advantage of if your league has ‘rookie fever’.

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