Drafting Soon! Keep who? Gordon, Ridley or Andrews?

Keeper league. Who’s the best keeper option: Melvin Gordon, Calvin Ridley or Mark Andrews?

What draft value do you keep these players for? Like in which round?

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Free. We don’t have to give up anything.

Like we just select our keepers before the draft starts. No draft picks taken away or anything.

How many teams in the league? I lean Andrews because he’s a difference maker at the position, but it also depends on your draft pick (if you know it yet). I know you said you don’t lose a pick, but if you’re 1st round is early then I would lean more towards Andrews than if it’s later because then you’re locking in a top tier RB so you can deal with not having the depth that Gordon will provide

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Sound advice! Unfortunately I don’t get my draft pick until right before the draft starts (in person). I’m leaning the same way. Kinda dependent on my draft position. Would you lean more Ridley or Gordon given a later round pick?

It’s probably worth noting that many of the later 1st/2nd round rbs will be kept. Such as Drake, Henry and Sanders.

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And I didn’t answer. 12 man league. Snake draft.

I think Gordon is probably safer, but Ridley has a lot more upside. So it depends on your risk tolerance