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Drafting Strategy Pick 10


Drafting in a 10 man league, standard scoring. The other guys in my league are all very knowledgeable and i suspect several of them are regular listeners of the show (not that they would ever admit it).

I am picking 10th and was playing around with strategy.

I was think of going

For the first 6 rounds then going by Best Available Player regardless of position.

How does that sound? I think you can snag some decent WRs in the later rounds but no RBs of note.



Just follow the flow. The guy in our draft yesterday took Julio and ODB at the 10 spot.


I just posted about this but use BPA in first 3-4 rounds. Reaching in those rounds really destroys a draft. Never go in fixated on positions. You should be doing the exact reverse of what you said. BPA early, then positional needs later.


WR is typically deeper than RB, but I wouldn’t pass on Top 3 wideouts by reaching for a position. Just ask yourself if you’d rather have a combo Beckham/Allen or McCaffery/Fortunette. But if Gordon is there at 10, I would take him immediately than go next BPA. Good luck!