Drafting Strategy

Has anyone employed the strategy of drafting only 1QB and 1TE along with no defense or kicker (if allowed by your draft rules). I have seen some people utilizing the last picks to stash away positional players and once the preseason settles they will pick up a defense and kicker off waivers to start the season.

How do you feel about this strategy?

It all depends on how many teams are in your league. If you are in a 12 or less, (which is what both mine are) I almost always only draft 1QB, 1TE, and no defense or kicker.

If there are a number of viable options at QB available on Waivers after your draft, no reason in putting them on your bench right now.

Furthermore, might as well snag a couple of those 2nd stringer RB that could potentially be the starter by start of season.

This is the approach you should always be taking. Only suckers draft DST and K before the season starts. It’s always better to draft another teams handcuff at RB with those late round fliers. In the extreme where you plan to stream TE, you could also just not even draft a TE and get a 3rd player. Remember these are all dart throws. The more darts you throw, the higher chance you have to hit.

This is a 12 team 1/2 PPR league. I have no restrictions on having to fill every roster position at the draft.