Drafting the Same team-ISH HELP!

Do you guys seem to always draft the same players beyond the 3rd round? making very similar teams. If so how do you feel about that and how has that worked out for you in the past? I find that my teams tend to be very much the same across my 6 redraft leagues I do every year. Thanks

Hey ! It happend for me one year and not the next year. I would say it’s probably 'cause you did your homework, study the UDK (:sunglasses::sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), chose a strategy, and stick to it for your draft, and the next one, and the next, etc.

This year i tried in dynasty format different strategy -> old vets (to win this year and struggle for next 10 years😂), the next one with only young studs who will perform in the future and a zero rb startegy in a redraft league, etc.

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Are you drafting from different positions? i.e. 3rd or 11th?

If you are drafting the same players than maybe your reaching on some.

My suggestions is to mock draft and try to take players that you’ve never grabbed before. Build up a a-sort-of muscle memory to taking different players. Pivoting in a draft is a learned skill.

If you are drafting in the same spot it makes sense…if you are drafting in different spots you should have different teams. If you have already done a draft you tend to lean toward those players you picked (you picked them for a reason) and that is not always the best idea as you may be reaching to much or missing out on a value that wasn’t in a previous draft…No leagues are the same and the players each person values changes so if you are drafting the same team over and over you are not staying water in your draft.

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