Drafting today - need 2 more - $10 ppr 6pt TD

Footclan, I had 2 dropouts on a 12 team league. Looking to fill out the last 2 spots. Drafting today at 4 eastern. Any takers?
EDIT: using ESPN and it’s winner take all

What are you using for the draft? Nfl?espn or yahoo? What are the prizes?

It’s on ESPN, winner take all so $120

Online draft or live draft where you have to call me so I can give you my pick? Is the draft pick random or is it assigned already? I can quickpay the money via chase bank. Not doing it until you can co firm you got the other guy.

Still have spots? Using league safe?

Email me! I’m in and can draft tonight!!!


My email is spartarocker@gmail.com hit me up

This league is full, but if we can swing enough people for another I can draft tonight. We’ll use leaguesafe