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Drafting today what to do about Hunt


Hello Fellow footballers,

My league of record is drafting today 9/9. We are a 12 team full ppr and I am drafting in the 9th spot. What do we do about Hunt? I think now that he dropped 45 points on Thursday night Id have to reach for him if I want him .If I do take him I will get the 45 points on my week one roster. Is it worth trying to grab him on the 2nd pick on the quick turn around? That would make him my RB 1. worth it? or too rich? Any thoughts would be appreciated!


I would make him my first pick if i was that deep in the draft and i get the 45 pts. Because I think your 10,11, and 12 guys would definitely swoop him up. So if he’s there grab him.


Thanks! I guess ill find out if he falls to me at nine.


I would not draft him at 9. I would consider him in the second round, due to workload and system. If you actually watch the game, he was the beneficiary of 3 bad defensive plays (PI, blown coverage by a DE, and a 58 yard run where he never even had to make a move or change speed/direction die to great blocking). Without those 3 plays he has like 111 yards and a TD. Not too shabby, but people wouldn’t be losing their minds.

He didn’t look particularly fast or sudden. He didn’t make great cuts (though he didn’t have to). He did show nice power, great balance, and a nasty stiff arm. He’s a good back. He’s not David Johnson, or even Devonta Freeman. Don’t draft him like he is