Drafting tomorrow. I need help

Dynasty startup.
4th pick.
PPR league.

1 QB
3 RBs
3 WRs
1 TE
1 superflex

Who would you guys be eyeing at 4???

Saquon / McCaffrey / Kamara / Hopkins / Zeke

Those would be in consideration for me.

I’m drafting 4th as well, I’ve been monitoring the Zeke dilemma. This makes this position even tougher. Considering that information do you still put Zeke in that mix? @sheenan

In a dynasty I dont think you can go wrong with any of those.

My guess is Saquon and McCaffrey go 1/2. Zeke and Kamara are both 24 and Hopkins is 27, But Hopkins probably has more good years left in him out of the 3 left since he is a WR.

The problem with this dynasty roster set up is its 3RBs.

The shelf life for RBs is much shorter in terms of dynasty value, but that extra RB slot in the starting roster kind of almost cancels that out.

Also, this is a superflex. So it’s highly possible Mahomes goes 1, 2 or 3. I’m going into this thinking Barkley, Mahomes and probably CMC are gone. If that’s the case, I’m torn between kamara, hopkins and Zeke.

Dammit I hate the 4 spot lol

If Kamara is available, take him. Idk about Zeke. Idk if he is gonna stay on the Cowboys or not. Tough to figure out. I would prob pick Hopkins and then make sure to get David Montgomery later.