Drafting tonight - avoid Montgomery?

I’ve got the first pick. David Montgomery is usually there at the 4/5 turn. Should I avoid him completely?

They’re saying that it’s probably a groin injury and it sounds like there’s a good chance that he’s not ready for week 1. For me, I’d have to be pretty badly hurting to pick him up at current adp

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Yeah im out with the injury news at that spot

I picked him up in the 7th round. To good for what was available there.

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If you have the 1.01 then you have to be careful with your mid round picks since going be pretty thin on rbs by time draft gets back to you. I personally like Montgomery but in your situation I’d be looking for him at the 6/7 turn instead.

I like that value. 4/5 is way too early for the risk he carries right now though. 7th or 8th round is earliest I would take him

Got him in the 8th and was pretty happy with that for sure. Much better options available in the 4/5 turn so avoid the risk

Also picked him up in the 8th round (though a 10 team league)

I got Montgomery in the 11th his stock has really dropped

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