Drafting tonight! ESPN 8-team 2-flex league, 0.5PPR, FAAB, $10

Here is a low-risk option to compete in Half-PPR in a shallower, 8-team #footclan-leagues . There is an extra flex starter and an extra bench slot for a bit more depth.
We draft tonight at 10:00 PM Eastern.
20 passing yds = 1 point
20 punt/kick return yards = 1 point for the returning player
1 point bonus for touchdown 40+ yds (rushing, receiving, passing)
1 point bonus for 400+ yard passing game
1 point bonus at 100 and at 200 yards rushing or receiving
0.1 per pass defensed and 0.2 for runs stuffed at or behind line of scrimmage

1st place: $70
2nd place:$10

EMAIL metallicite@yahoo.com FOR DETAILS/INVITE

ABOUT THE LEAGUE: we’re a splinter group from a previous league that just fell apart and left us high and dry. Most of us know a couple of the others in real life. Using Venmo for the dues/payout.

I know this should be in the foot clan leagues section but I can’t post it there, as I just joined to create this post. I’m a long time listener who has just never had a need to seek the direct aid of the awesome foot clan community… until now. HELP ME, FOOT CLAN, YOU’RE MY ONLY HOPE!