Drafting Tony Pollard

1 ppr 10 man league. When is a good time to draft Tony Pollard if you draft Ezekiel Elliot?

I’m thinking I would rather be to early than late, and am considering drafting Pollard in the 9th/10th is the scenario were to happen.

Either not at all or your last pick.

I’ve been doing 14-team mocks and he’s been falling somewhere around the 10th round for me (granted this is against the AI on sleeper). In a 10-teamer I would say 10th is safe.

He’s a waiver pickup in my league. Waiting for FAs to hit before swapping to him since I play the Zeke owner week 1. I wouldn’t draft him though personally.

A deal will be worked. This isn’t a Bell situation. I’d rather get Tate or Chris Hedron. Those guys will be money when the bye’s start but go ahead and laugh. I only make the playoffs every year. I would even get Kumerow before Pollard. Zeke is playing. Pollard won’t see the field.

90% zeke will sign. Cowboys have too much potential and Jones has too much money. I’ve never seen pollard taken in 30, 12-team, mock drafts. Agree he’s a waiver pickup.

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Waiting for the light saber guy to chime in on target telling me I’m a troll. If I’m a troll how did I win 10.5 games on average the last three years in auction. At some point it’s not luck anymore but whatever…go ahead and draft him. You’ll be dropping him in about a month.

Hi Troll! lol. 10.5 is cash-money. nice work. I live in seattle an love tate, but am concerned about his share with djax and alshon. I’d waiver him.