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Drafting tradebait?


What is everyone’s opinion on drafting a player you are not to found of having on your roster but think they could have a couple good games early on so you could trade them for better long term value? For example Lamar Miller I think could get off to a decent start with Watson back and Foreman coming back from injury but his role could decrease when Foreman comes back 100%. Then maybe you could trade him(before his value decreases) for someone like Royce Freeman whose role might increase as the season goes on? So basically would you draft someone with the full intention of trading him early on?


You’re taking on a risk in this situation. If you draft someone, you should be comfortable with the thought they may be on your roster for a while or you could end up with lost value if they tank and you’re unable to trade them away.


I actually do this all the time. If a player falls into my lap that I know I could trade for profit, and I don’t love anybody else in that round, I take him. You don’t win at your draft, you win based on the moves you make. So if you take a guy like Miller and ship him off before the floor inevitably falls out from under him, good for you man!


That’s different than drafting someone and hoping they do well. If there’s no one else of value around it makes senes to take someone with potential upside and trying to deal them. However, he used Miller as an example and he’s going in the 5th round. There’s a lot of value to have at that point of a draft.


Miller was just an example, I don’t recommend him in the 5th either. But again, grab the best player available at the best value and trade for dollars on the penny.


I never do it. Too much risk. What if there is a reason that player fell to you? What if the other league members didn’t like him? What if you don’t get what you think you would get for him when you try to trade him? What if he gets hurt before you can trade him.

No matter what part of the draft I am in, I can always find someone I like enough to draft rather than take someone I don’t want on my team just to try to trade. Chances are I not get a good return on investment or be stuck with a player I don’t want.


i do it all the time. and not just in the draft, with waivers too. perfect example is last year when josh gordon came back, i snatched him up and traded him for mark engram. gave him a rookie 2nd rounder too to spice it up. ended up winning me that league. but as others have said, there are risks. but you dont win without taking risks and following your gut and research. you dont win every trade, and not every pick in the draft is a home run. you take what is given to you, and you make the best of it. and a part of that is taking players with a plan for them. even if that is just to trade. joe mixon is not someone i believe in for fantasy this year, but he very well may end up on my roster just so i can trade him because there are a LOT of people who do believe in him. and even if im wrong and mixon balls out, ill be ok with that, because i followed my gut and got players i wanted out of it.


I would warn to never make a move for a trade. Whether it’s drafting someone in redraft or trading for someone in dynasty - don’t like doing that where the only win condition for your team is to trade that player away. Put’s you in a corner.

If that player is a prospect or startable asset then draft/trade away.


Bad business, in general. If there’s a huge value, maybe. Otherwise I’d recommend against it in any serious league.