Drake/AJones for Mixon?

14 team league, sitting tied for 1st at 6-2. One owner in my league has Mixon and Clement on bye. Should I offer Drake and AJones for Mixon and Gio? I would still have Gordon, Conner and James White as my other RBs, so I feel like I can potentially cover his bye. Thoughts? I could also try to upgrade my TE position (Uzomah/Herndon) but that position has been so streaky every week it’s tough to know.

You can offer it. Will likely get you laughed out of the building though.


Forgot to mention that he is 2-6, only has TyMont as an active RB this week, and he’s a Packers fan

You can always try to offer, but as a Packers fan… he probably knows better than to expect them to use their best back more than 10 times a game. It’s always worth a shot though, more power to you if you can pull that off.

Now with the TyMont trade I will have even more leverage and probably will be able to get Mixon and Gio for Drake and AJones now, especially with his bye week issues. And he has Graham and Reed as his TEs so might try to offer another player then include Reed in that package to upgrade my TE.