Drake and Tate for Bell?

Hi all. I’m thinking of trading away Drake and Tate for Bell in Half PPR 12 Man.

My running backs are
-David Johnson
-Kenyan Drake
-Mark Ingram
-Bilal Powell
-Austin Ekeler

My recievers are
-Golden Tate
-AJ Green
-Nelson Aghalor
-Dante Pettis

I was either thinking to trade Drake and Tate for Bell. or Drake for Bell straight up. I traded Hyde for Ingram straight up and wondering if I can get the same trades with other people. Thanks.

I dunno man, I like Drake a lot I’m not sure your team could handle losing him and Tate if Bell doesn’t come back soon.

How do you feel about Drake and either AJG/Tate for McCaffrey?

I’d take mccaffery over drake all day. I would give up Tate before green if you’re gonna do it.