Drake for Mixon dynasty trade

Hey footclan, it’s my first year managing a dynasty team. Looking for some input on a RB swap that is currently on the table.

.5 PPR Super flex league
I would give up Joe Mixon and Mike Davis to acquire Kenyan Drake and a 2nd round pick next year.
My other RBs are J Taylor, James Robinson, Josh Kelly, Antonio Gibson and Leveon Bell. I view my team as in the hunt for a title this year, I think another solid RB can push me over the top.

Is Kenyan Drake a buy low? Or is he a bust?
I appreciate all input, thank you

For me, Drake and Mixon are pretty close and definitely within the same tier. I’m not sure if you would absolutely benefit from a trade—unless the 2nd round is better trade bait than Mike Davis later down the road…

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I appreciate the input friend. Drake and Mixon are about the same volume play, but drake has a better offense and easier schedule so I went with the trade.
I also talked the Drake manager into giving me a 1st instead of the 2nd so I think I made out like a bandit.

Oh—a first rounder is a different story! Good work, man

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